The IRM Lab supports the following courses.

CS657 - Intelligent Systems
Rule-based expert systems; Fuzzy logic and fuzzy expert systems, approximate reasoning, rule base inference engines, applications; Genetic algorithms, genetic and evolutionary programming, applications; Neural networks, backpropagation and Hopfiled networks, applications; Hybrid Intelligent Systems; Swarm Intelligence and ant colony optimization; introduction to deep learning.

CS559 - Computer Vision
Introduction to computer vision and equipment; Image representation and display in Java; Image manipulation and enhancement; Image enhancement: filtering and edge detection using neighborhood operations; Image analysis and filtering in the frequency domain; image segmentation; image compression.

CS565 - Robotics
Spatial descriptions and transformations; Kinematics and inverse kinematics; velocities; Jacobain matrix and forces, Mobile robots and motion; Sensors, actuators and control; Trajectory following; Path planning.

CS660 - Combinatorial Algorithms
Algorithm types; Searching and Search engines - PageRank ; Greedy algorithms and scheduling problems; Divide and conquer algorithms and their analysis; Dynamics programming; NP Problems and approximation algorithms.

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